Hello, you who somehow found your way here. Everything Spins is a music review site dedicated to the musings and the music collection of one man hopelessly bound in nostalgia, still clinging on to his CDs and his ca. 2000s web design. In this site I'm slowly building a catalogue of reviews across the various albums I own in one way or another - mostly in form of physical silver discs. The reviews here are by no means anything close to objective, and they heavily reflect my own personal biases and my personal journeys with these artists and songs, ranging from contextual analyses to personal diary entries as and when it's appropriate - but hopefully still informative for those readers who may be curious about particular artists or simply wish to know why I disagree with whatever canon opinion I choose to challenge at any given time.

I do not have a set schedule for my reviews but I hope to update this regularly enough.

Thank you for taking interest!

Latest updates:
22/07/24: New review: Death Cab for Cutie's Narrow Stairs (2008)
12/07/24: I'm back after a holiday, and we resume reviews with another big one, this time Death Cab for Cutie's Plans (2005)
24/06/24: New review: the Rubik discography is brought to a close with a review of Fake Music Mixtape (2013)
22/06/24: A brief general update. While I generally have my opinions well-formed in time I start writing reviews for the music featured here, I still allow myself the benefit of hindsight and revisiting these reviews as needed. So, prompted by some recent revisits, I've adjusted a couple of things. Primarily, a number of early Kent albums have gone up by a point (Kent (now 6), Verkligen (7) and Hagnesta Hill (7)) as they were among the first reviews for this site and I didn't have the ins and outs of my review scale perfectly in hand at that point. I also try to be precious with my perfect 10s so as to treat them as an indication of music that's truly special to me, but I feel like I may have been too strict at times and so Manic Street Preachers' Know Your Enemy is now officially a 10.
22/06/24: New review: Rubik's Solar (2011)