About Everything Spins

I love music, and I love talking about music. I've been writing about music for quite a while now, in various past blogs, review sites and even in forums (remember those?). I do however also think that our own experiences with music are an integral part of what makes it special to us - that the personal angle is a very real thing and that there's little point in trying to ignore it. One of my limitations as a music fan is the inability to really describe my feelings when I'm presented with something new to me, and it's the reason why the traditional blog format of tackling everything new and shiny has always been something I've struggled with. For a long time I've also wanted a personal review library of sorts that reflects what I'm about when it comes to music and as a way to compile my thoughts on my personal collection. And thus, I created Everything Spins.

More specifically, this variant of Everything Spins. Others have existed in different blog formats over the years but mind has always yearned back towards the small community of music review sites and webrings of the early-mid 2000s - amateur writers going through their collections, exploring discographies as a whole rather than focusing on one release at a time, talking about music they knew well and not just the latest releases. A retro-style website has been in my head for years and eventually the urge became too much to resist. So, here you go. This is what you have now.

This is a site about music that's been loved (or sometimes not) and listened to for a while. My intention is to go through my ever-growing music collection artist by artist and album by album, reviewing and writing about these albums as viewed through my particular lenses. These writing are all entirely subjective and should be treated as such, and I have no pretensions that anything here is objective. I try to, obviously, to describe each release in a way that gives a good idea of the artist and the release in question even to those who aren't acquainted with them already - understanding the context behind each release is important to truly understand the releases themselves, in my point of view.

About the writer


You can call me Flint - that's not my real name but it's one that I tend to go by among friends and the internet folks. I'm of Finnish origin, but I've been based in the UK for quite a while now. I'm of the perfectly correct opinion that music is best served physical and that CDs have remained the peak format since their inception. Dang near everything that's going to be catalogued on this site is a CD on my shelf, apart from the occasional digital-only releases.

You can also view my collection (and the full set of reviews) on Rate Your Music as well as Discogs, and you can spy on what I'm listening to right now on Last.FM.