Below is a roughly categorised index of music I own and I've reviewed which doesn't really belong anywhere within the main artists index. These are things like one-off albums not tied to any other artist in my collection, compilations, soundtracks, artists who only interested me for a very specific period, etc. There isn't really a comfortable way to place these in the main artists index, so here they belong.


With some artists I only own the odd album or two, and that's it. These aren't artists who only ever released one or two albums, nor are these one-off side projects from acts I love - both of those can be found in the main index. These are simply random one-offs I've bought.

1990 - 1999 Misc. albums from the 1990s. Includes reviews for e.g. Aphex Twin and Neutral Milk Hotel.
2000 - 2009 Misc. albums from the 2000s. Includes reviews for e.g. 1 Giant Leap, Scissor Sisters, Kylie Minogue and William Shatner.
2010 - 2019 Misc. albums from the 2010s. Includes reviews for e.g. Foster the People.
2020 - 2029 Misc. albums from the 2020s. Includes reviews for e.g. Glass Animals.
Best Ofs Sometimes all I have (and all I need) is a greatest hits collection.


Various film, TV and video game soundtracks which do not have a place anywhere within the main artists page (i.e. an artist I already like happened to make a soundtrack). A lot of these will be digital rather than physical releases, especially with games - but that's an annoyance for me, not you.

Film Scores for the select few films where I've really enjoyed the music.
Game The largest category here - a selection of some game soundtracks I've reviewed.
TV A few random TV soundtracks.
Sonic the Hedgehog An entire page devoted to the fastest thing alive!


I've accumulated some of these too over the years - and there's nothing quite like a good curated compilation.

(extra editor's note here but I will likely tweak these categories as and when I write more reviews for V/A compilations, to keep a more logical structure. Right now, enjoy these *vague* categorisations)

New Music Various artists collections where the artists are specifically asked to provide new music; i.e. not compilations.
Curated V/A compilations released to highlight specific scenes, sounds or themes; curated selections with a concept.
Other Any other various artists albums that do not fall neatly under the other two umbrellas: various compilations etc.